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1- Number (7) – in Europe in Population means Big Market Size (About 40 Millions Population).2- Strategic Location between Nine Big Countries like Germany, Austria, Russia and Ukraine.3- Freedom of movement in the other Member States’ territories.4- Strategic Partnership with Germany & German Companies like BMW-Motorolla & Kadboury.5- Contains the Largest Port in Europe.6- Low Cost of living with high Quality of life (Less than 500 Euro/Month).7- Free education includes universities with high European standard8- Child support benefits, pension, invalidity pension, free medical care.9- EU Blue Card – The directive establishes more attractive conditions for third-country workers to take up…

Work in Europe

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Scholarship in Poland

Top university in polandMedium of instruction English?Admission notice in 1 week Polish National Visa( visa which allows you to circulate 28 Europe countries)Visa success rate: 95% ✅Bachelor majors(3.5 years) ?civil engineering?environmental engineering?construction and Building systems Engineering(CBSE)?Mechatronics?Electrical and Electronic Engineering?Tuition fee/semester -1250 Euro ✅Masters programs(1.5 years) ?Civil engineering?Environmental Engineering?Business Management?Logistics?Mechatronics?Mechanical and machine design?Electronics and telecommunication?Tuition fee 1100-1250 Euro/semester ?Accomodation: 90 Euro/month Application Documents1.Passport2.Highschool national exams/Degree certificate3.highschool transcript/bachelor transcript