Scholarship in Poland

Scholarship in Poland

Top university in poland
Medium of instruction English
?Admission notice in 1 week

Polish National Visa( visa which allows you to circulate 28 Europe countries)
Visa success rate: 95%

✅Bachelor majors(3.5 years)

?civil engineering
?environmental engineering
?construction and Building systems Engineering(CBSE)
?Electrical and Electronic Engineering
?Tuition fee/semester -1250 Euro

✅Masters programs(1.5 years)

?Civil engineering
?Environmental Engineering
?Business Management
?Mechanical and machine design
?Electronics and telecommunication
?Tuition fee 1100-1250 Euro/semester

?Accomodation: 90 Euro/month

Application Documents
2.Highschool national exams/Degree certificate
3.highschool transcript/bachelor transcript